We, at P1 Nutrition, have over 25 years of experience in Motorsport and have raced all over the world. Nutrition is a key part of being a professional racing driver and the fact of the matter is that there are no products out there scientifically designed for Motorsport. Put simply – you have been fuelling your car with diesel instead of petrol all these years and expecting it to perform at its optimum.


For decades, drivers we have been working with have been using nutrition supplements that have been designed for other sports. Hours are spent in the gym and at a track hoping to become a faster driver while fuelling your body with the wrong substance. Five years of development have been carried out before we, at P1 Nutrition, felt our products were ready to revolutionise the Motorsport world.


Motorsport is a gruelling sport, where only an elite few succeed so why not give yourself the best opportunity possible. A common misconception with nutritional supplements are that they are designed only to be used by someone who resembles a Greek God. This is not the case with our range, every product is designed to be used by an athlete with any level of fitness. The only condition is that they are determined to find those elusive final tenths when it really matters.


It is well documented that professional athletes in the majority of sport disciplines are required to use nutritional supplements to reach their goals. But yet, racing drivers are amongst the very few athletes who do not have scientifically formulated nutrition supplements to help aid their performance. That’s where P1 Nutrition step in. All of our products have been designed to overcome any of the hurdles that racing drivers face.


Making sacrifices in terms of your performance are now a thing of the past. Our first product to launch in 2015 is ‘Race Fuel’ – a scientifically formulated protein based powder with added Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and electrolytes to target the needs of racing drivers. For more information head over to the ‘Race Fuel’ section.



P1 Nutrition are determined to tailor make nutritional supplements to help every driver find those last few tenths. We have spent years in development, working alongside the very best nutritionists’, top tier drivers and teams as well as some of the industry’s leading fitness trainers to identify the key areas of nutrition in Motorsport.